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  • How do I join the Zoom Calls?
    Become a Forerunner, by joining the family! Click "Become a Forerunner" in the menu bar, and follow the steps! You will receive a link in an email prior to the Zoom calls.
  • Want to join the TSNL Forerunner School?
    Click "Become a Forerunner" at the top of the page, and it will guide you through the steps to become a Forerunner, and join. To access the "Forerunner School", simply sign-in to your account and click the "Forerunner School" tab.
  • How do I become certified?
    Once you have a TSNL Membership, we require you to join a hub to prepare to meet the requirements to becoming certified. There are essentially 5 steps you must complete to become certified. Step 1. Join a Hub | Step 2. Complete 16 Bible Classes via the Forerunner School | Step 3. Take the Certification Test with your Hub Leader | Step 4. Schedule Your Review | Step 5: Certification Board Assessment (Details of the 5 step process are attached)
  • What is the certification test?
    The test is just a series of questions that go along with the TSNL Forerunner Online School vidoes via the website or Youtube. This allows us to make sure we are all aligned correctly, and are all striving for the same goal, Jesus! You will go through these with someone from the Certification Board.
  • Want to know where we are traveling next?
    Click the "Events" page in the menu above. This will allow you to see all the places we are headed, as well as register. Though registry is not required for most events, it allows us to get an idea of how many people are attending. You can also sign up for our email list at the bottom of the page, to stay up to date on any updates in the itinerary.
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